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How It Works

Chattr is a general purpose SMS and MMS messaging app that you can use to text anyone using their mobile phone number. However, when you send a message to someone who is using the Chattr app your message will be sent through your phone's data connection (WiFi or mobile data), saving you SMS and MMS fees.*


Messages are sent instantaneously through the Chattr network. Messages usually arrive before an equivalent message sent over your phone carrier's regular messaging network. If your recipient is out of service when you send your message they will receive it as soon as their signal returns.


Chattr is absolutely free.* We only ask that you consider making a small donation if you like the app to support its future development. Regardless, it will save you money.


Use Chattr for all your SMS/MMS texting and don't worry about whether your recipient is using Chattr or not. Recipients without Chattr will receive your messages through the regular carrier network and will be able to reply to you automatically using your existing phone number. No virtual numbers! It's totally transparent!



*Carrier data rate charges may apply when used without a WiFi connection. Regular carrier messaging charges may apply when communicating outside the Chattr network.