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Get Chattr

Chattr is now available on the Play Store for Android and is coming soon to Apple iOS.



  1. Download Chattr

    Chattr is available for free on the Google Play store here or through the Play Store app on your Android phone. Simply install Chattr as you would any other app.

  2. Activate Chattr Free Messaging

    Before you can use the free messaging features of Chattr your phone has to be verified. This automated process is necessary for security purposes. Simply follow the onscreen instructions the first time you launch Chattr to verify your phone.

Use Chattr

Chattr can be used for all of your SMS (text) and MMS (picture) messaging to any other phones, but in order to take advantage of Chattr's free texting features your phone number must be verified. Chattr will handle this automatically the first time it is run. If you would prefer not to verify your phone number you will have the opportunity to skip verification and simply use Chattr as a general purpose text messaging app.