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Chattr Help


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Chattr allows an SMS (texting) app to send messages to other Chattr users for free. When you are using Chattr you can continue to send text messages to all of your phone contacts just like always, but if the person you are texting with is using Chattr as well then the message will be sent for free and will never show up on your mobile phone bill.

When you send or receive a free message via Chattr the Chattr logo will appear in the corner of the contact image for that message.


Chattr is available for free on Google Play. It currently requires a phone with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer. We are working on expanding availability to earlier versions of Android as well as Apple iOS.

Click Get It! for access and installation instructions.

Phone Number Verification

This is usually the result of an incomplete SIM card configuration. If you have recently made changes to your account or activated a new SIM card your carrier may not have completed the configuration yet.

Please turn off your phone for two minutes and then turn it back on. When it reconnects to the cell network it should receive a completed SIM configuration from your carrier and allow your phone number to be detected.

Auto-verification requires an active SMS account and a data connection to complete. Please make sure that you can receive text messages at the number being verified and ensure that your phone has an active data connection (3G or WiFi) when you verify your number.

If auto-verification fails but you received the verification text message on your phone you can click the link in the text message to verify your number manually.

If you have confirmed that your number can receive text messages and you are still having difficulty verifying please contact us at the help link below for personal assistance.

If you skipped verification for any reason you can return to the verification screen by opening the Chattr settings, then clicking "Send via Chattr: Verify your phone number".

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from our users. Please contact us by email if your are having other issues with Chattr that we can help you with.